Friday, June 16th

7:00pm - The 1974 Band





Saturday, June 17th

Noon - Bobby McKey's Boombox

1pm - The Kelly Bell Band


3pm - The Contests
Stein Holding Contest
Drink Like A Lady Contest

Drink Like a Lady Contest

4pm - 



Saturday, June 18th

1:00pm - Makers Mark



2:00pm - Zelos Trading


FATTI by Stelzer

Zelos Trading specializes in importing of authentic Bavarian Beers. These beers are all-natural, non pasteurized beers that have been brewed in the Bavarian Region of Germany for hundreds of years and have never before been available to The United States.

3:00pm - Sagamore Spirit


4:00pm - Whole Hog Butchering Demo with Nathan


 *subject to change