Friday, June 16th

7:00pm - The 1974 Band





Saturday, June 17th

Noon - Bobby McKey's Boombox

1pm - The Kelly Bell Band


3pm - The Contests
Stein Holding Contest
Drink Like A Lady Contest

Drink Like a Lady Contest

4pm - 



Saturday, June 18th

1pm - Tasting Theater Seminar: Sagamore Spirit Conversation with Sagamore Spirit President, Brian Treacy, to discover the rich history of rye whiskey in MD. Learn about Sagamore Spirit's triple distillation process, and how Sagamore Spirit is putting MD back on the map as a premier distiller of rye whiskey. Sample Sagamore Spirit Signature 83 Proof and Cash Strength whiskey.



2:00pm -



3:00pm - 


4:00pm - 


 *subject to change