12:30 - Brent Moore & Doug Pritchett All Star Revue Extravaganza
1pm - Phil Flash and the Trenchcoats


2pm - Brent Moore & Doug Pritchett All Star Revue Extravaganza


2:45pm - Part Time Blues Band


4:15pm - Stein Holding Contest

4:30pm - Dave Matthews Tribute Band





1PM - Tasting Seminar with Bernie Lubbers Join Bernie for an awesome tasting seminar of some of the great products from Heaven Hill Distillery. Don't miss out on a few surprises too!



 2PM - Great Lakes Brewing Co.


Two Irish brothers with limited brewing experience. A city that shuttered its last production brewery in the early 80s. A neighborhood in serious need of a facelift. In 1986 when Patrick and Daniel Conway opened their fledgling operation in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood, the odds were stacked against them. Fortunately, they surrounded themselves with a staff of passionate, knowledgeable people, and from the start committed themselves to bringing a sophisticated, diverse selection of craft beer to their home state. Two decades, multiple awards, and a whole lot of stories later, Pat and Dan Conway celebrate over two decades of brewing exceptional beer for their adventurous and discerning customers.


3PM -  Great Wagon Distilling Co.


Join owner and distiller Ollie Mulligan for an introduction to the Great Wagon Road Distilling Co family of brands. He will walk you through the unique distilling and tasting profile for his three whiskey marks including his award winning Single Malt American Whiskey, Rua.

4pm -  Whiskey Prison, Southern Grace Distilleries


Leanne Powell is CEO of Southern Grace Distilleries at Mt. Pleasant Prison. She has been certified as an Executive Bourbon Steward and is a member of the Stave and Thief Society of Louisville, KY. She and partners founded Southern Grace Distilleries in 2014 and moved the distillery to a former NC Prison in Sept 2016. She released their first bourbon, Conviction Small Batch Bourbon in November 2017. It earned a gold medal at the MicroLiquor Awards in Los Angeles and a double gold medal in NYC and the Fifty Best Bourbons competition. Prior to founding Southern Grace Distilleries Powell worked at the White House and in Congress. She's pleased to have found honest work making whiskey. Southern Grace Distilleries has earned a platinum medal, four gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze medal for their products over the last three years. 


 *subject to change.
Come meet & greet with the 2018 Ms. Woman North Carolina United States Tanya Topazio! 

Tanya Topazio landed in North Carolina in 2005 via Connecticut, Los Angeles & Louisiana. She studied Television and Film Production at Emerson College in Boston, and proceeded to work in production in Los Angeles, New York and throughout New England.  Tired of chasing the freelance gigs, she ended up teaching television production to high school students.  After digging her car out of the snow one April day in 2005, she decided sunny skies were in order and settled on the beautiful shores of Lake Norman.  She continues to teach at both the high school and college levels, owns a small business, is an actress, and has a hard time saying “no” to more.  Let’s just say binging Netflix is now a luxury that seemingly only occurs each morning at the gym (thank you wifi!).

Surrounded by a tribe of boss babes, Tanya continually strives to be a better person.  She believes that although a career is important, family, friends and community are what make life worth living.  She is passionate about spreading awareness of Congenital Heart Defects, as CHDs have affected her brother, cousin and two nephews.  Her platform, Heels for Hearts, promotes local and national foundations that support children living with complex congenital heart defects. 

Tanya is excited to appear at this year's Beer, Bourbon & Barbeque event in Charlotte.  She may seem familiar to many of our repeat customers, as she has been the face of Jim Beam at this event for the past 10 years.