NOON - Doors open for VIP Admission


1pm Tasting Theater  - Maker's Mark Tasting Seminar with John Vickers Smith

Join Pitmaster Bill Eason at the Shrine of Swine at 1pm 2:30 & 4pm
Bill Eason

2pm - Doors open for Regular Admission

2pm Main Stage - Texas Chainsaw Horns

2pm Tasting Theater - Rebel Yell and Ezra Brooks Tasting Seminar

Enjoy a tasting with Heavy Seas of Loose Cannon, TropiCannon, Double Cannon & AmeriCannon! You don't want to miss this awesome seminar!

3pm Tasting Theater - Heavy Seas Brewery


3pm - Main Stage - Drink Like A Lady Contest Are you a lady? Do you like to drink? If so, join us at the Main Stage for your chance to take home some prizes in the Drink Like A Lady Contest. Our search for Tampa's fastest, classiest, and most awesome lady drinker!

3:15pm - Main Stage - Best Beer Belly Contest Does your gut have what it takes to be named the Best Beer Belly? If so, then come on and compete! Candidates will be judged on the Main Stage on size and personality by the audience! Winner walks away with prizes!

4pm - Tasting Theater - George Dickel
4pm Main Stage -  JunkFood



5:40 - Last call for alcohol

5:45 - Stop pouring alcohol

6:00 - Show ends!

 *Subject to change.